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Colchester Sun Makes Mistake with Budget headline

In the recent Colchester Sun article placed on the front page of this week’s paper, the headline read “Taxes Up, spending down in school budget proposal”. That was wrong. The headline was supposed to say “Taxes Down, spending up in school budget proposal”. In an email exchange with the writer, Jason Starr, and Superintendent Waters, this was acknowledged and a correction is scheduled to be in the paper next week. It was important that the district took immediate steps to communicate this before next week so the public would have the correct information on this important topic as soon as possible. In the last blog that was published on the budget before the vote, the district wants to reaffirm that there was an increase in expenditures of 4.1% but a decrease of 1.8% in the current per pupil spending from the previous year. This will result in a tax decrease of 4 cents compared to the current year.