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Colchester School District Smarter Balance Assessment (SBAC) Results by Demographics

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Part of the public reporting requirements for SBAC is to publish the demographic results for students who were classified as Free and Reduced Lunch as well as those who have a special education classification. When No Child Left Behind was passed there was a very legitimate concern that students who fell into these classifications often significantly underperformed to their capacity when compared to their peers who did not have these classifications. A key goal for the original legislation was to have all students achieve to their potential and in order to do that, these gaps needed to be closed. When students were taking NECAP, the Colchester School District was making significant progress closing the gaps for students on Free and Reduced Lunch due to the collective instructional efforts during these years. Since this is the first year of SBAC there is no way to know how to interpret these results compared to other districts in the State of Vermont or the country since they have not been published. What we can say is that gaps remain, that some gaps are less than others, some are significant, and that the work needs to continue to make sure all students continue to fully achieve to be college and career ready. As initiatives and efforts are identified with that specific work, we will share it with you.

2 thoughts on “Colchester School District Smarter Balance Assessment (SBAC) Results by Demographics

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this information. It definitely gave me food for thought. It would seem to me that in order to assess the demographic “gap” in performance, one would have to compare students in the low SES to the students in the higher SES (but not to “all” the students as was done in the summary). Comparing to all students may obscure the extent of the gap. I also notice a huge drop in math achievement, starting in 4th grade and continuing through high school. It may be that the 4th grade material is never mastered.

  2. How much effort/time/dollars are being spent to nurture and support those students scoring at level 4 on these tests to continue to exceed expectations? Why aren’t those scoring at level 4 broken out from the rest of the pack?

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