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Announcing The New CMS Principal











The Colchester School District is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Michele Coté as the principal of Colchester Middle School.

Ms. Coté has served as the middle school principal at the Barre City Elementary and Middle school for more than seven years, Special Services Director there for one year and special educator in the Barre district for several years.

Ms. Coté describes her vision for a middle school as “one in which students feel safe, welcomed, and challenged as well as encouraged to explore their interests, find their voice, and contribute to the school and greater community.”

Colchester School District Superintendent Larry Waters said, “The board was presented with two fine candidates for the CMS role and the selection of Ms. Coté came down to simply one of broad experience with the dynamic and changing nature of the middle school environment.”

The Colchester School District welcomes Ms. Michele Coté.

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