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Shaw’s “Partners” With Colchester Schools

Our local Colchester Shaw’s has brought their “We Love Our Schools” program to Malletts Bay and Union Memorial Schools. Shaw’s employee Barbara Garrow and Colchester Store Director Mike Evans visited UMS September 26th to present students, staff and Principal Chris Antonicci with a $400 check destined to fund all manner of projects including student wellness.

Mr. Evans stressed that Shaw’s is committed to “partnering” with Colchester Schools and that this contribution is indicative of the value that his company places on local education. “Investing in the education and future of students throughout New England creates a foundation for a better future for all of us,” said Shaw’s President Jim Rice. “The Shaw’s and Star Market team is comprised of a lot of New Englanders who attended some of these schools, and they’ve built careers and families here. Making this contribution to our local schools is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to the educators who prepared them to help lead our stores and offices, and is also a promise that we’ll continue to make investing in education a priority.”

Pictured are UMS students, staff, principal Antonicci,  Shaw’s Barbara Garrow (L rear) and Mike Evans (R rear) at the formal presentation of the $400 Shaw’s contribution.

Shaw's Donation 2

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