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State Commends Public Works Department’s Stormwater Management Plan!

Great news!

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (VT DEC), through its Vermont Stormwater Program with the Watershed Management Division, has recognized the Town of Colchester’s Public Works Department for its excellent stormwater management plan. In fact, the VT DEC was so impressed with the Town’s stormwater management plan that it intends to offer it to a number of other communities as a model (to access the plan, please click here).


“Colchester did an excellent job with its MS4 [Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System],” said Christy Witters, program coordinator with the VT DEC Stormwater Program. “We’ll offer it as an example to the Town of Rutland and the City of Saint Albans and the Town of Saint Albans, and we will base our template on it to assist other towns with their stormwater management plans.”

The above-mentioned MS4 encompasses a wide variety of infrastructure- and practice-related elements pertaining to managing stormwater, including such components as pipes, roadside ditches, and other water-related infrastructure, as well as a host of general practices, working with schools and residents around stormwater education, and much more. All of this is done to ensure compliance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water Act.

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To access the Public Works Department’s stormwater web page, which provides helpful information about why these efforts are so important, please click here.

For more information about the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation’s Stormwater Program, please click here. And to access our January 30 article (which includes a video!) about a Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division compliance analyst’s work with Porters Point School students to engineer simple water filtration systems, please click here.

Well done, Public Works!

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