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Amy Minor is Principal of the Year!

We are thrilled to announce that Colchester High School’s Principal Amy Minor has been named the 2013/2014 Vermont Principal of the Year by the Vermont Principals’ Association!

State winners from around the country are considered for the MetLife/NASSP National Principal of the Year award, a prestigious honor awarded to principals who exemplify an exacting list of qualities, showcasing fantastic school leaders who are acknowledged by their peers as providing “high-quality learning opportunities for students.” Those awarded this honor satisfy an extensive list of selection criteria reflecting the themes outlined in the Breaking Ranks framework for middle level and high schools.

Principal Minor will be the keynote speaker at a number of engagements throughout the coming year and will have a private audience with US Senators Leahy and Sanders and US Congressman Welch for the purpose of discussing education-related issues. “It is deeply humbling to be nominated for such a prestigious honor by my colleagues,” she said. “This is an incredible opportunity to advocate for education in Vermont and particularly for education in Colchester.”

Just some of the requirements—encompassing personal excellence; collaborative leadership; curriculum, instruction, and assessment; and personalization—for this award include:

  • modeling continuous professional growth
  • modeling values, beliefs, and attitudes that encourage others to higher levels of performance
  • maintaining an instructional focus in managing administrative tasks
  • recognizing, appreciating, and serving the needs of diverse constituencies in the school community
  • involving teachers, staff members, parents, students, and the community in creating and fostering a shared vision for the school
  • providing focus and direction to ensure alignment of practices, programs, and initiatives with the school’s vision, mission, and goals
  • utilizing available technology tools for school management and operation
  • improving teaching, learning, and assessment by implementing practices, programs, and improvement efforts on the basis of multiple sources of data
  • demonstrating knowledge of learning, teaching, assessment practices, research, and programs that maximize student performance
  • facilitating in developing and maintaining cocurricular programs that complement the curriculum while fostering students’ academic success
  • ensuring that each student has the best possible chance of realizing success by providing a customized plan that takes into account the needs of individual learners in relation to learning time, setting, methods, and course sequence
  • leading in the use of available technology for management and delivery of instruction and assessment as well as the advancement of learning, invention, and creativity.
  • creating a school climate that is warm, inviting, safe, and secure
  • organizing the school so that all social, economic, and racial/ethnic groups have equal access to all school programs and provides the support needed for student success
  • leading in the use of available technology to meet the unique learning needs of each student …

… and so much more!

Your schools demonstrate exceptional leadership at all levels. Please join us in congratulating Principal Amy Minor!

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