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¡Flamenco Vivo!


More than eighty Colchester High School students recently voyaged to Spain … without even leaving Chittenden County.


CHS Spanish and ELL students attended a Flynn Center for the Performing Arts production of ¡Flamenco Vivo! featuring world-renowned guitarist Paco Peña and his group of performers from Córdoba, Spain.

The performance featured authentic traditional music—including finger-picking guitar and a style of singing that often sounds like a cry or moan—and Flamenco dance, which expresses the powerful emotions of the oppressed during and following the Spanish Inquisition (“flamenco” means “expelled peasant”). Many people of Spanish heritage regard Flamenco as an outstanding expression of their culture that conveys passion, rebellion, and raw emotion.

Following the performance, many of the students relayed that they had never experienced anything quite like it.


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