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CSD Exceeds State’s Average Math Scores in Every Grade!

We have great news! The Vermont Agency of Education has released the fall results of the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP)—and our schools have done very well!

Our schools’ strongest category was reading—and Colchester Middle School and Colchester High School’s scores were particularly strong; grade 8 had 85 percent meeting or exceeding the state’s standards, and grade 11 had 88 percent meeting or exceeding the standards.

And our schools exceeded the state’s average in every grade in math! Grade 5’s meet or exceeded rate was 81 percent, grades 4 & 7’s meet or exceed rate was 74 percent, and grade 11 ended 21 points above the state average!

So too with our writing scores; by grade 11, we exceeded the state by 22 points.

What does all of this mean?

It means that Colchester schools are performing well above the state’s academic average at well below the state’s per-pupil spending average. It means that Colchester schools are an excellent value.

To view the Vermont Agency of Education’s press release, which includes NECAP results for schools around the state, please click here.

If you have questions or would like more information, please e-mail Gwen Carmolli, CSD’s director of curriculum and instruction, or call (802) 264-5999. You may also contact our schools to speak with principals.

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