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One Way of Combining Science and Language Arts

Our December 14 article highlighted the many benefits that our schools’ libraries offer to our students and the many ways in which they enrich students’ academic experiences. As further evidence of this concept, a recent author visit coordinated by Colchester Middle School’s library media specialist, Angelika Mahoney, was the kickoff event for an interdisciplinary unit combining science and language arts for the CMS Cougars.

Lifelong naturalist and award-nominated Vermont author Steve Swinburne recently visited CMS students. Mr. Swinburne, an engaging and lively speaker, has written and published numerous children’s books about the animal kingdom, conservation, and the natural world.

Vermont author Steve Swinburne addresses CMS students
Vermont author Steve Swinburne addresses CMS students

Mr. Swinburne delivered his “Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?” presentation series to the students, which not only featured hands-on specimens but also included information about the history and controversies of wolves and coyotes, how wolves are tracked in the wild, and scientists’ role in the reintroduction and preservation of wolves in various parts of the country, including Yellowstone National Park.


For more information about Mr. Swinburne’s presentation or about this science-language arts interdisciplinary unit, please call CMS at (802) 264-5800. You may also e-mail Angelika Mahoney at

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