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Not Your Typical Book Discussion!

Readers at Union Memorial School have a fabulous way to engage with one another and to hone their analytical skills.

UMS librarian Judy Flanagan has spearheaded a fabulous program called Junior Great Books, a program of the Great Books Foundation. Junior Great Books encourages thoughtful discussion groups among the students about their reading in a setting that is specifically designed to foster equal participation. Moreover, the program serves to enhance students’ critical thinking about their reading, which focuses upon collections of both modern and classic literature.

UMS students engage in a book discussion
UMS students engage in a book discussion

Ms. Flanagan’s Junior Great Books program is an important component of UMS’s overall literacy instruction strategy, which includes an emergent reading program, a guided reading program, annual participation in the Red Clover event the Title I program, participation in special reading competitions, and more.

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For more information about Junior Great Books, please call UMS at (802) 264-5959 or e-mail Ms. Flanagan at

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