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Beyond Mr. Yuk: DARE Officer Helping to Teach CSD Students Important Strategies for Staying Safe

Last year, we offered Part I and Part II of a primer entitled “Law Enforcement Presence in Our Schools and Why It Is Important,” and in that two-part primer, we discussed aspects of the DARE curriculum that is taught in our schools by specially trained members of law enforcement. The crux of that curriculum is a variety of ways to teach students about keeping themselves safe.

Colchester Police Department’s Corporal Fontaine, Colchester School District’s DARE officer, has been explaining strategies to students for identifying whether certain household items—cleaners, medications, and the like—are safe. Part of Corporal Fontaine’s strategy involves discussing different types of storage containers, various packaging labels, and where assorted household items are often stored in order to help students understand the differences between what is safe and what is best avoided.

This goes well beyond the Mr. Yuk of old.

Mr. Yuk, courtesy of Wikipedia
Mr. Yuk, courtesy of Wikipedia

Corporal Fontaine has also recently been working with students about various other strategies for staying safe. Here is a short video clip of a recent visit to Mrs. Howard’s class at Union Memorial School wherein Corporal Fontaine explains the Know! No! Go! Tell! strategy of personal safety for dealing with pressures from peers and adults in instances where students might be asked to do something harmful or unsafe.

The DARE curriculum is very extensive, and it includes interactive and age-appropriate education about a vast array of subjects, including decision making, information about where they can go for help for a variety of issues, methods and techniques for determining a person’s credibility, risks and consequences, maintaining responsibility and accountability for one’s actions, and a great deal more.

Partnering with Colchester Police Department for the benefit of our students in this way is another fabulous example of the ways in which CSD’s efforts speak directly to the Colchester School District Vision and Strategic Plan 2012–2017—specifically with regard to Pathway E: Parent, Community, and School Partnerships Among Lifelong Learners; Pathway F: Wellness-Oriented, Balanced, and Healthy Learners; and Pathway G: Town + School = One Vision.

For more information about DARE, please call Colchester Police Department at (802) 264-5556.

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