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A Sneak Peek at Technology Integration

We are currently preparing students for jobs and technologies that don’t yet exist … in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.
—Karl Fisch

Young student with technology

As we have stressed in the past, Colchester School District’s ongoing efforts to increasingly integrate technology into its curriculum and instruction is a major priority; our community members explicitly identified it as a significant need in the Colchester School District Vision and Strategic Plan 2012–2017, which, developed collaboratively with our community, stresses the importance of high standards and expanded opportunities for our students; technology and digital literacy to educate, engage, and inform the greater Colchester community; and innovative and flexible approaches with a commitment to excellence. Furthermore, the Vermont Technology Grade Expectations outline major focus areas in education, and among them are digital citizenship and technology operations and concepts.

And the great news is that our schools are making tremendous efforts to incorporate technology into curriculum as a means of further facilitating instruction and inspiring our students to actively engage in their academic experience from a very early age.

At Porters Point School, for example, members of Mrs. Belaski’s kindergarten classroom (you can view her classroom blog here) collaboratively created a book, and then—in a great mix of literacy and technology integration—the class members created an iMovie (a video editing software application) of their book using PPS’s inventory of iPads. (Click here to view the iMovie.)

In another excellent example of technology integration into curriculum, students in Ms. LaRose’s second-grade class (you can view her website here) explored mystery Skyping, an activity that allows classrooms to interact with other classrooms somewhere in the world using Skype technology, enabling students all over the nation and the world to learn about one another in an engaging and interactive way. Students in Ms. LaRose’s class prepared for their mystery Skying by brainstorming questions for the mystery classroom in order to try to discern its location, and, after obtaining the answers to their questions, the students conducted online research to narrow down the possibilities—eventually discovering that the mystery class with which they were Skyping was in Chicago.

Please click here to view a short video discussing the importance of technology integration into our students’ curriculum, particularly as it pertains to differentiated instruction and student engagement, and some of the ways that our schools are doing it.

Concerted and creative efforts to incorporate technology in the classroom in these and other creative ways speaks directly to our schools’ preparation for the new Common Core State Standards that will be fully implemented soon.

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