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How Does Flatware Relate to Sustainability Efforts?

We have a moral responsibility to protect the earth and ensure that our children and grandchildren have a healthy and sustainable environment in which to live.
—Jim Clyburn

In collaboration with CSD’s food service program—and as part of an overarching, coordinated effort to improve recycling and waste management efforts across the district—students at Porters Point School are now using flatware at mealtimes instead of disposable plastic utensils.

And now, as part of Colchester Middle School’s ongoing sustainability initiatives, CMS’s Partners in Education (PIE) group is collecting used and unused flatware/silverware—specifically, spoons, forks, and service knives (not steak knives)—for use in the cafeterias at CMS and Malletts Bay School. Flatware can be dropped off with the main office at CMS, or a member of the PIE group will pick up donations upon request; please contact Cheryl Aley at (802) 893-3640 to coordinate a pick up.

As we have discussed before, the district has numerous ongoing efforts in environmental responsibility and sustainability. For example:

    • We began transitioning to eco-friendly cleaning products in our buildings before it was mandated by Vermont law on July 1, 2012.
    • CSD replaced its old Ford Taurus driver’s education vehicle with a new Toyota Prius—a hybrid vehicle that typically exceeds fifty miles per gallon—with funds received from an ARRA grant.
    • The district utilized funds received through another grant to install more than eighty LED lamps throughout the parking lots at CHS, CMS, and MBS, resulting in an annual savings of fifty thousand (50,000) kilowatt hours and additional incentive dollars.
    • The district also installed upgraded lighting at both PPS and UMS. In fact, CSD worked closely with Efficiency Vermont and various vendors to replace lighting in all schools with high-efficiency lighting, and the anticipated savings to the district were such that Efficiency Vermont covered the entire cost with incentives.
    • Three high-efficiency boilers resulting in annual cost savings replaced the aging boilers at CMS.
    • CSD works closely with Chittenden Solid Waste District in order to increase recycling efforts.
    • CHS won a grant to support a human-powered generator capable of storing electricity to help offset some of the stage lighting, sound, and projection equipment’s power requirements.
CHS staff and students and Berlin City’s Dedrick Casab

And there are many more examples; CSD has won sustainability-focused grants, we have community gardens, and much more.

Environmentalism is really important, and Vermonters are proudly leading the charge; our state has often been called the healthiest in the country, and Burlington has been considered the healthiest city in the nation (and really, that means us here in Colchester, too). Even more amazing is that Vermont has also been considered the most ecologically friendly state in the country. All of this is because our friends and neighbors make environmental sustainability a priority—and CSD does, too.

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