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Real-Life Learning: Civic Engagement

I believe that voting is the first act of building a community as well as building a country.
—John Ensign

Encouraging students to actively participate in civic engagement is important, especially as global issues become increasingly complex, and CSD works to encourage students to use their knowledge for the betterment of their world.

As an excellent example, Colchester Middle School students had a very hands-on learning opportunity with the election process at the end of October.

Volunteer Tiera Porter is pictured behind the student casting a ballot

CMS’s librarian, Angelika Mahoney, organized a fantastic mock election for the CMS Cougars using the actual voting booths loaned by the Town of Colchester. She also procured “I Voted” stickers for the students and collected campaign posters to create an authentic display. The activity—which has taken place a number of times at CMS—is designed to engage students in exercising democratic rights and to help promote the responsibilities of civic engagement.

The voting booths for the event were loaned by the Town of Colchester

All students had the opportunity to practice good citizenship through the voting event in the CMS library during their social studies/humanities classes, and, in a splendid example of interdepartmental collaboration, math students in Ms. Rutz’s class were involved with examining the mathematics involved with running an election, including tabulating and graphing results.

In July, a Colchester High School student participated in Girls Nation in Washington DC, and there is curriculum in the district specifically designed to promote responsible citizenship skills.

Community volunteers Pat King and Eileen Moore also stepped up to help facilitate.

Malletts Bay School has an election coming up very soon, as well; stay tuned for more information about that!

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