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School Spirit is Not Just for Students!

Colchester High School students got a tremendous surprise at their pep rally on October 18 when the faculty and staff congregated in a well-choreographed flash mob (click here to watch the video).

The idea for the flash mob originated nearly a year ago at a faculty gathering, and CHS’s faculty and staff members have been secretly planning and rehearsing for it for more than two weeks; teachers Ann Carol Moffett, Dennis Akey (who also choreographed the event), and Dennis McCannell formally approached Principal Amy Minor with the idea, spurring numerous covert rehearsals for the participants.

Bob Hall, CHS’s guidance department lead, said, “The point of the faculty flash mob was to demonstrate that it isn’t just up to the students to create a positive atmosphere. We’re all in this together.”

As we have discussed many times, creating and maintaining a positive academic environment is everyone’s responsibility, and doing so also works to everyone’s benefit. It is vitally important, because along with promoting greater opportunities for meaningful and powerful learning experiences, positive learning environments help to foster healthy relationships and a sense of community and fair play. Community members—both within and surrounding the school—can develop a greater sense of pride, which in turn encourages neighborly relationships in which everyone gets to know and looks out for one another, thereby creating safer places to grow and learn. Research has indicated that students are more likely to succeed in school when they experience a positive sense of belonging and when they feel that they are part of something greater, and parents and citizens are more likely to take active roles in their schools when they feel that the overall atmosphere is positive, inviting, and inspiring. Working hard to improve school climates has important, far-reaching implications for entire communities.

Don’t forget tonight’s first-ever community tailgate celebration and car-decorating contest beginning at 4:30!

Remember that Colchester High School’s calendar of events can be found on the school’s website, and Colchester School District posts a district-wide calendar of events, as well.

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