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CSD Hosts Service Awards for Longtime Staffers

Did you know that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical American stays in a job for just over four years?

Educators Aimee Boucher, Peggy Rogers, Dawn Schroeder, and Dawn Buswell

Colchester School District recently hosted its service awards honoring members of its staff whose length of service has ranged from ten to forty years!

Educator Deb Demulder

Honored for ten years of service are the following:

Andrea Boehmcke
Ellen O’Meara
Gail Lucas
Kathi O’Reilly
Lynn Hebert
Lynn Mazza
Marjorie Troia
Michael Trainque
Penny Dodson
Rachel Hamilton
Renee Decelle
Wayland Cole

Rachel Hamilton, Wayland Cole, and Renee Decelle

Honored for fifteen years of service are the following:

Aimee Boucher
Barbara Iaria
Carrie Lutz
Colleen Derry
Dawn Buswell
Dawn Schroeder
Deborah Deschamps
Deborah Kendrick
Debra Demulder
Janet Cormier
Mark Winchester
Mary Wheatley
Patricia Morel
Perry Nunn
Ray Simmons
William Warren

Deborah Kendrick, Andy Simmons, Perry Nunn, and Angelika Mahoney at the event

Honored for twenty years of service are the following:

Angelika Mahoney
Pamela Landry

Lynn Mazza, Chris Antonicci, and Colleen Derry at the event

Honored for twenty-five years of service are the following:

Martie Mutz
Peggy Rogers

Director of Student Support Services Jean Shea

Honored for thirty years of service are the following:

Mary Ann Kadish
Micheline Tremblay

Porters Point School’s librarian, Mary Ann Kadish

Honored for thirty-five years of service are the following:

Susan Hooper
William McClintock

Malletts Bay School’s librarian, Lynn Hebert

Honored for forty years of service are the following:

Courtney Van Kleeck
Fred Moses

Forty-year veteran and CHS educator Courtney Van Kleeck addresses the assembly
Forty-year veteran Fred Moses with Director of Special Education Carrie Lutz

In all, thirty-eight educators were honored at the ceremony for their service. Many, many thanks to all of you for your dedication and commitment!

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