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CSD Announces New Social Studies Curriculum

We are pleased to formally introduce Colchester School District’s newly rewritten social studies curriculum!

The new, clearly outlined curriculum embeds elements of the Common Core State Standards (“Common Core”) into it, strengthening and revitalizing the content. (The Common Core is an education reform initiative with the goal of aligning curricula nationwide—you can read our primer about it here.) As a result of these changes, the new curriculum is academically more rigorous and requires more critical thinking from students.

The curricular changes have been an enormous district-wide effort, placing particular emphasis upon the research component (methods of acquiring information) and communication component (how to deliver that information) and centering the study around various elements of community. The social studies units also reflect the Vermont Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities, and specifically the grade expectations for history and social sciences. New instructional strategies have been developed, and our teachers have been trained in them.

The curriculum represents a refreshed continuity and intentional progression of social studies content across individual teachers within our schools and throughout the entire district. If you would like view the grades K–8 curriculum, please click here. For questions, or for more specific information about the curriculum, please contact your child’s social studies teacher. (For the schools’ general contact information, click here!)

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