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School Board and VT Dept. of Education Approve CSD’s 2012–2015 Technology Plan

At its June 19 meeting, the Colchester School Board approved the Colchester School District Technology Plan 2012–2015. Shortly thereafter, the Vermont Department of Education also approved the plan.

The plan’s focus is largely upon the integration of technology into curriculum and the use of technology as a vehicle for students to acquire and demonstrate learning. It also ties in very well with the Colchester School District Vision and Strategic Plan 2012–2017, in which an entire pathway is devoted to technology infrastructure and integration.

The technology plan’s four main goals include the following:

  • Student‐Centered Learning Goal—Providing students with access to necessary skills, strategies, and curriculum that support the integration of teaching twenty‐first-century learning while providing teachers with the skills necessary to integrate technology with their students
  • Leadership in a Student‐Centered Environment Goal—Coordinating the implementation and access to technology and professional development to ensure students have the necessary skills in tomorrow’s world
  • Flexible Learning Environments Goal—Expanding and extending learning opportunities and resources beyond the physical classroom; current school structure; and current school hours, days, and school year so that learning opportunities are provided 24/7 for the entire Colchester community
  • Engaged Community Partners Goal—Collaborating with the community to promote integrated learning opportunities and digital citizenship

The plan’s creation was a year-long collaborative effort among three different groups that included teachers, administration, information technology staff, and parents.

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