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School Board to Interview Candidates for Board Vacancy

On Tuesday, July 17 at 7:00 p.m. in the Colchester High School Library/Media Center, the Colchester School Board will interview candidates to fill the vacancy left by former school board clerk Steve Cormier.

The members of the Colchester community who will interview with the school board are Denis Bertiaume, Zafir Bludevich, Jeffrey Callane, Eric LeVasseur, Mary Goodridge Miller, Christian Mock, Regina Spillane, and Lincoln White. The candidates will provide the school board with:

  • a brief overview of their background
  • a statement regarding their interest in serving the community of Colchester on the school board
  • their personal vision for the Colchester School District
  • responses to any other questions by individual school board members
  • responses to possible questions from community members

The interviews will be conducted in an open-session format with all candidates present. The school board members will discuss the candidates in executive session following the regular meeting and will make their formal appointment in regular session. The newly appointed board member must to take an oath of office at the Town Clerk’s Office prior to serving in an official capacity.

The term of service for the newly appointed member will be July 18, 2012–March 5, 2013. Colchester voters will appoint the school board member to finish the remainder of Steve Cormier’s three-year term, which expires in March of 2014, at the 2013 Town Meeting.

Please contact CSD’s District Office at (802) 264-5999 with any questions.

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