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Five Longtime Educators to Retire from MBS

Malletts Bay School will bid farewell to five longtime members of its staff this year.

MBS educators Trish Powsner, Donna Gallas, Liz Miles, and Joan Fitzpatrick

Trish Powsner, a forty-two year veteran of CSD (she began teaching in 1970!), said, “Malletts Bay will always remain dear to my heart. The staff and administration have always been an incredibly caring family to work with. I will always remember the legion of students and teachers who have passed through the forty-two years that I have spent there. Leaving is bittersweet.”

Donna Gallas, who started with Colchester School District in 1978, said, “It is really an eye opener when you meet your former students as adults and then get to teach their children.”

After completing her student teaching here in 1976, Liz Miles started teaching in 1977. She says she will spend the summer thinking about what she will do next.

Joan Fitzpatrick worked for CSD for two years beginning in 1972. After a brief stint in Boston, she returned to CSD in 1975 as a teacher at Malletts Bay School. She said, “Teaching is a wonderful career. I got to work with great people who all care about kids. Every day presents new challenges and rewards. The kids keep me laughing, and education is forever changing.”

Chris Verhelst

Special Education tutor/assistant Chris Verhelst has been with CSD since 1989. She said, “I enjoyed working with so many different teachers and learning so many things that I never learned when I went to school. Everyone at MBS is special in their own way, and that’s what makes this school the best place to work.”

Malletts Bay School will welcome five educators in the upcoming school year. Please stay tuned for their introduction!

Best wishes to all of MBS’s soon-to-be retirees! We appreciate your many years of dedicated service.

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