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Upfront with CHS Students

Patricia Smith, the senior editor of New York Times Upfront magazine, visited with Colchester High School students on May 22.

After meeting with Ms. Smith to discuss the department’s use of the magazine and its online features, CHS’ Humanities Department team leader Wayland Cole arranged the visit for the students.

A news magazine targeted toward high school students, the New York Times Upfront—which is published fourteen times during each school year—contains articles provided by the New York Times, and it is published by Scholastic Inc. Colchester High School is Upfront’s largest subscriber.

Since her first visit in 2005, it has become something of an annual tradition to invite Ms. Smith, who lives in and telecommutes from Vermont, to speak with CHS students about her job, including the education and experience it requires, the job of a writer and editor, and some of the decisions involved regarding magazine content and coverage. The visits also provide Ms. Smith with the opportunity to gauge student and teacher opinions about the publication in the hopes of further tailoring its content and design for its target audience. Our students posed a wide range questions to Ms. Smith—everything from her travel opportunities to coverage of presidential elections.

“It’s always a pleasure to visit,” she said. “CHS is a beautiful school.”

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