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Top Ten Things You Might Not Have Known About Malletts Bay School

Did you know some of these facts about Malletts Bay School?

1. Student “voice” is honored and supported. Elementary students are learning to be active citizens in their community. When students submit a plan, teachers, parents, and administrators support them in learning how to develop and execute their plan. In the past year alone, students have initiated projects to help victims of Hurricane Irene, start a recycling project in the café, lead a student lunch committee to influence school lunches, raise money to help the rainforests, help the PTO by organizing an ’80s-themed dance, and raise over $1,500 during the American Cancer Society’s “Daffodil Days” campaign.

2. Parents are actively involved. Parents stay actively involved in the life of the school throughout these key elementary years. MBS parents run the Four Winds and Girls on the Run programs, sponsor a school garden, raise thousands of dollars to support field trips and other school enrichment projects, attend parent conferences, and volunteer in the classroom.

3. The MBS facility is beautifully maintained and used widely by the community. The building is well maintained by the CSD maintenance staff, in spite of nearly constant use by the community. MBS hosts a before- and after-school care program operated by the Town of Colchester Parks and Recreation Department, as well as many, many other recreational classes and offerings. The classrooms are used for religious education, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, and the Colchester Community Chorus.

4. MBS teachers work closely to deliver high-quality, engaging instruction. MBS teachers are all highly qualified. They work closely in grade-level teams to align curriculum, instruction, and assessment. MBS’s overarching goal is to maintain a rigorous and relevant curriculum that is consistent across classrooms, coherent in the sequence from grades 3–5, and connected to the arts, the community, and the world. Teachers serve as leaders in math, reading, social studies, social learning, and technology committees.

5. MBS teachers and support staff collaborate to meet the needs of all students. With a strong emphasis on differentiated instruction, classroom teachers work closely with special educators, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, English language teachers, and mental health specialists to meet the increasingly diverse needs of the student population. All students are included in the classroom with respect for differences taught and reinforced through a strong social-learning climate.

6. MBS students perform academically at very high levels. MBS students exceed the state average in the annual NECAP testing, scoring higher than the average in reading, writing, math, and science. In Colchester School District, only Colchester Middle School and Malletts Bay School have students who are examined in every grade and in every subject on this “high-stakes” test. Even with this pressure, MBS students shine!

7. MBS students are artists and musicians. MBS’s highly qualified teachers provide the students with rich experiences in the fields of art and music. MBS’s music educator is one of few AOSA-trained music teachers in the region, and its art teachers provide multiple opportunities for students to create both two- and three-dimensional art and learn about art history. Student artists created beautiful panels to decorate the exterior near the school garden and have created banners and mobiles for the café.

8. MBS students learn to care for their physical and emotional health. MBS’s amazing school nurse, Tammy Frieberg, helps elementary children learn to manage health conditions as they grow from young children to young adolescents during their years at MBS. Physical education teachers Brian Hunt and Lilly Thomas teach the students lifelong habits for physical health and well-being. MBS students are active participants in national events, such as “Walk to School Day” and “Screen Time Awareness Week.” The PE teachers and nurse collaborate to teach fifth graders about the changes puberty brings. In the guidance program, Luba Routsong and Greg Kriger teach them to manage stress, treat one another kindly, maintain personal safety, and stand up to bullying. MBS collaborates with the Colchester Police Department to offer the national DARE program.

9. MBS students and educators are proud to be Ospreys. They have worked hard to build a sense of community and pride. In 2010, MBS students proposed several school mascots. The community, including families, voted on the choices, and the Osprey was selected as the mascot. In 2011, a fifth grader wrote a proposal to purchase and fly an Osprey flag outside the school. MBS capitalizes on school pride by honoring safe, responsible, and respectful behavior with a weekly “Outstanding Osprey” award for students nominated by their teachers. Each classroom works on a goal, and when it has achieved the goal, the students earn the right to display the Osprey banner on their classroom door.

10. MBS hosts the district’s early education program. In addition to educating children from grades 3–5, MBS plays host to the Colchester Essential Early Education (EEE) program. Three classrooms are devoted to early education and take advantage of the opportunity for older and younger students to pair up whenever possible. Next year, MBS will expand its early education opportunities by hosting a Head Start classroom in the school.

For more information about Malletts Bay School, please e-mail Principal Julie Benay or call (802) 264-5900.

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