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Recipe for Homemade Journalism Equipment

Just as there is a trend toward high tech today, there is another trend toward high touch—homemade and wholesome.
—Meryl Gardner

After our February 22 CSD Spotlight article about CMS’s Cougar Mews, the CMS student journalists visited Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School (FHTMS) to work with FHTMS student newscasters and tour their facilities. (You can watch a South Burlington Network News (SBNN) segment featuring our Cougars as special guests here.)

As it turns out, FHTMS has a sparkling, large-scale newsroom, including professional cameras, lighting, and teleprompters, in which its students work on their digital technology and journalism skills. (Visit FHTMS technology educator Jay Hoffman’s page for a tour of his award-winning broadcasting studio. It is really impressive!)

After the eye-opening visit to FHTMS, CMS’s Cougar Mews reporters and their faculty advisors, Assistant Principal Dovid Yagoda and computer applications educator Bjorn Norstrom, brainstormed and prioritized some equipment needs in order to enhance their own journalistic capabilities and learning. Maintenance personnel also rolled up their sleeves to help in the efforts, as well. As a result, the Cougar Mews space has been upgraded by creating a green screen, designating a wall for use with miscellaneous backgrounds, installing additional lighting, and—the best part—building a homemade teleprompter. In all, several hundreds of dollars’ worth of upgrades were implemented for less than $10!

Recipe for Homemade Teleprompter


  • One repurposed iPad box
  • One square of glass
  • Scrap wood
  • One classroom iPad
  • One app ($1.99)
  • Creativity
  • Ingenuity


Combine all ingredients.

Assistant Principal Dovid Yagoda made this Cougar Mews teleprompter using an iPad box, a piece of glass, some wood, and a $1.99 app.

It is a great example of inspiration and collaboration for the benefit of our students.

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