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Competitive Student Chefs Featured on WCAX’s “Across the Fence”

It’s been interesting and fun … but most of all fun.
—Natasha H., CMS Jr. Iron Chef Vermont competitor

As we mentioned in our March 21 CSD Spotlight feature, a team from Colchester Middle School competed against more than forty other middle school teams in the fifth-annual Jr. Iron Chef Vermont event at the Champlain Valley Exposition on March 24.

The competitors enjoyed a wealth of support from friends, family, and Principal Gruss, and, as a result of their extensive practice and preparation, the team presented its very best work to the judges at the competition—a dish they’d proudly named the Ultimate Winter Harvest Cheddar Panini. Their culinary masterpiece included a host of great ingredients. Get the recipe here and give it a try! The dish was recently served during lunchtime at CMS, and it received rave reviews from students and staff alike.

In addition to the excitement of the competition and the experience gained from working alongside registered dietitian and personal chef Deana Novembrino, the students also scored airtime on WCAX’s “Across the Fence” program. If you missed the program when it originally aired, you can watch it here!

This annual event empowers students to collaborate with teachers, food service professionals, and local farmers to address the challenges of procuring nutritious food for our schools while simultaneously promoting lifelong healthy eating habits. It is designed to encourage students to help create recipes for our schools, and thus it is yet another example of a great partnership between our students and our food service group.

Way to go, CMS!

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