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CHS Wins $22,500 Grant for Financial Education!

We are thrilled to announce that a $22,500 Discover Pathway to Financial Success grant has been awarded to Colchester High School to further develop and implement financial literacy education into our students’ curricular offerings!

Personal finance is becoming more challenging than ever before; many financial tools with varied options are available for consumers, while the responsibility for retirement planning is shifting away from employers and onto individuals, underscoring the importance of financial education. The ability of consumers to make informed financial decisions is critical for personal, national, and global economic well-being. The financially literate understand the benefits of saving and financial planning and can navigate credit use and risks, enjoying higher standards of living and prosperity. Financial education facilitates lifelong responsible consumerism.

We remain acutely committed to advocating for and incorporating exceptional financial literacy programs into our curriculum. In addition to CHS’s current financial education curriculum, Colchester School District has also partnered with the Office of the State Treasurer, People’s United Bank, and the Vermont Jump$tart Coalition to offer district- and community-wide financial literacy training. The $22,500 Pathway to Financial Success grant will support the attendance of a number of our educators at the Vermont Teachers Financial Literacy Summer Institute 2012 at Champlain College, augmenting the long-term reach of this important initiative for our students. The grant will also support the acquisition of new laptops for our students’ financial literacy instruction.

This is really exciting news!

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