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Students Take On Faculty in Trivia Event!

Do you know the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet? Do you know the only state in the nation that does not contain an area in the national park system? Do you know who remained in orbit in the command module while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin explored the lunar surface?

As we mentioned in our March 14 CSD Spotlight feature, Colchester High School’s fifth-annual Jeopardy-style “Battle of the Brains” competition took place on March 22.

Teachers George Deane and Dustin Scheuch took on students Nick Kaim, Maggie Connors, Emily Berry, and Dillon McPherson in front of a packed theater of cheering onlookers.

The CHS student team takes on the CHS faculty team in the fifth-annual Battle of the Brains.

Student volunteers generated human-powered electricity for some of the equipment necessary for the event!

The faculty team emerged victorious in the competition.

WPTZ’s Stewart Ledbetter interviewed the student team following the competition.

If you missed last night’s WPTZ’s News Channel 5’s coverage of the event, you can watch it here!

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