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The Blue Project

Our December 6 CSD Spotlight article detailed a student assembly featuring speaker Kevin Brooks and his message about making healthy choices. Part of his message advocated for building camaraderie and understanding the conscious decisions that each person can make—regardless of his or her circumstances—to overcome adversity and create positive change.

Building upon that positive momentum, on February 21, Colchester High School and Colchester Middle School students attended an assembly featuring singer/songwriter Jared Campbell called The Blue Project, an interactive live concert promoting positive messages about life and the importance of understanding and respecting one another.

Following the assembly, the CMS students participated in an online discussion forum coordinated by Harbor House humanities educator Jenn Roberge as a way of offering their comments and reactions, allowing their voices to extend beyond their classroom walls. Here are some of the students’ comments:

“I feel like Jared inspired us to see our lives in a different perspective.”
“I liked how Jared used music to communicate with us. It made me feel more connected to him.”
“It really makes you look at the way you treat people. When you treat someone poorly, you may not realize that you are hurting them a lot by making them feel bad about themselves.”
“The message you sent today in your presentation really touched me and others. You taught me to be nice to people I might not always be nice to, because they have a story that you don’t know about.”
“It was very inspiring. It made me want to be a better person.”

CMS’s link to information about the assembly and the students’ posts can be found here.

All of our schools work really hard to foster healthy, positive climates in which our students can grow and learn. They strive to cultivate efforts in volunteerism and peer mentoring, and they work to facilitate positive relationships and to counter bullying. We celebrate behaviors that are positive and respectful, and we challenge our students to be the best citizens they can be, nurturing mindfulness and the benefits of community. It all adds up, and it makes us proud.

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