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Highlights of CSD’s Fall 2011 NECAP Assessments

As we mentioned in our feature about Colchester High School’s Fall 2011 New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) results, the Vermont Department of Education (VT DOE) recently publicized all math, writing, and reading scores for schools in our state, and all of our schools did well.

As we discussed in our October 13 CSD Spotlight feature, NECAPs measure student achievement based upon the following four-point scale:

4 = Proficient with Distinction
3 = Proficient
2 = Partially Proficient
1 = Substantially Below Proficient

Essentially, scoring “1” or “2” represents failure, while scoring “3” or “4” represents a passing score.

This grid represents the total number of students in each school that demonstrated proficiency and proficiency with distinction on the Fall 2011 NECAP assessments for math, reading, and writing, where applicable.

To be clear, Porters Point School and Union Memorial School do not administer the NECAP assessments since the assessments are not designed for K–2 students. Instead, the results from the NECAPs taken by third-grade students at Malletts Bay School, which assess second-grade learning expectations, are analyzed according to the schools from which the students came. PPS and UMS help to prepare their students for the NECAP assessments in a variety of ways beyond their classroom instruction, including administering practice test questions to the students and allowing them to engage in activities that use answer sheets similar to those used for NECAPs.

As a reminder, to view all of the state assessment data, you can visit the VT DOE website, or you can download an Excel spreadsheet of the 2011 data here.

Please feel free to contact any of our schools if you have any questions!

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