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VT DOE Releases Statewide Fall 2011 Assessment Results … and CHS Shines!

The Vermont Department of Education (VT DOE) has released the statewide results from the Fall 2011 New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) exams (you can find the VT DOE’s press release here), and we are thrilled to announce that, even though the district spends below the state average and even though the teachers’ salaries are also below the state average, our schools did very well!

The grid below represents how Colchester High School’s NECAP results compared with other schools in Chittenden County. CHS had the highest writing scores, and it tied with Essex High School and Champlain Valley Union High School (CVU) for the highest math scores and tied with CVU for the highest reading scores!

And how did CHS compare to the rest of the high schools in Vermont?

CHS tied for #2 in the state for its NECAP math results

  1. Montpelier 57%
  2. CHS 52%
  3. CVU 52%

CHS tied for #2 in the state for its NECAP writing results

  1. Stowe 71%
  2. Colchester 70%
  3. Canaan 70%

CHS tied for #4 in the state for its NECAP reading results

  1. Arlington 96%
  2. Thetford Academy 91%
  3. Rivendell Academy 91%
  4. Colchester 87%
  5. CVU 87%

The VT DOE publicized all math, writing, and reading scores for schools in our state; to view all of the state assessment data, you can visit their website, or you can download an Excel spreadsheet of the 2011 data here.

Colchester High School has been working very hard to provide rigorous curriculum for its students. Administrators and teachers continuously examine their practices to ensure that they meet the needs of the students—and clearly it is working. In fact, it is working so well that Lawrence O. Picus and Associates recently conducted a case study of Colchester High School in order to ascertain how the school has managed to significantly improve school performance even though the district spends below the state average and even though the teachers’ salaries are also below the state average. (Stay tuned for a CSD Spotlight feature on this case study coming up soon. The findings are really impressive.)

Because of the various ways in which school districts and supervisory unions are structured (for example, we have two K–2 schools, a grades 3–5 school, and a middle school encompassing grades 6–8, whereas some other districts and supervisory unions have different structures), it is difficult to offer a clear comparison for how we ranked overall across the county and across all of Vermont. All of our schools, however, did very well compared to others all across our state. Indeed, Colchester High School students have benefited not only from its own excellent programming and educators but also from many years’ worth of foundational skills building in all of our schools as they progress through the grades; the entire district celebrates their results because their results are a product of the entire district’s efforts.

Please stay tuned for information about our other schools’ performance coming up soon!

Again, you can access all of the 2011 NECAP data for Vermont on the VT DOE’s website, or you can view it here.

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