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Showcasing the Study of Science: Colchester High School’s Science Essential Topics Night

Aeronautics … medicine … electronics … engineering … environmental conservation … communications … it is indisputable that science and technology have revolutionized the world in many ways, and as such, the importance of studying and applying these disciplines is clearly evident. The study of science is far more than simply the memorization of facts. Science teaches us fundamental, transferable skills in observation, critical thinking, evaluating and analyzing results, making meaningful connections, developing sound processes, and presenting ideas in a clear manner. Science teaches us how to frame and pose intriguing questions. It helps us to become engaged, conscientious citizens.

Colchester High School’s science department hosted its Science Essential Topics Night on January 10, providing the students with the opportunity to demonstrate their learning and engage in conversations about their extensive study. The event served as the culminating assessment for the elective classes in science, and the students’ projects were highly creative. Forensic science students presented findings on a crime, while anatomy and physiology students showcased maladies complete with recommended courses of treatment. Still other students presented projects in such areas as environmental science and engineering.

Along with underscoring the importance of science, the event also provided the opportunity for students to sharpen their presentation skills. Because the ability to effectively communicate information is imperative in many personal and professional environments, fine-tuning such presentation skills is an essential part of education.

Many thanks to those who attended the affair. For more information, please contact CHS science teacher Will Warren.

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