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The Flood Is Over But Hardly Forgotten … CMS Efforts Around Irene Continue

You know, it’s the kind of thing that just plain warms the soul.

Vermont. Our people. We are legendary for our willingness to extend a hand to our neighbors in need, for looking out for one another, for standing shoulder to shoulder with one another in times of crisis. The Vermont Attractions Association says, “Vermonters are known for their resilience and character.” The Huffington Post Canada said that Vermont is “long known for its small-town charm and friendly people.” And in reference to Tropical Storm Irene, US Senator Patrick Leahy’s website declares, “Vermonters are known for our sense of community and our flinty determination, and our state’s people have proven their fortitude tenfold in the aftermath of this disaster.”

And here in our own Vermont community, we are not only not the exception—we seem to lead the charge.

Our efforts here within Colchester School District and throughout the entire Colchester community around the remnants of that historic storm have been reported before: CMS Assistant Principal Gillard shaving her head to raise funds, every single school in our district putting their heads together to champion the cause and make a difference, students taking it upon themselves to strategize ways to help their fellow Vermonters … yet again, we thank you for all that you are and all that you do. This is indeed a community full of people who care about one another and care about the greater good.

The remnants of that ferocious, devastating storm slammed into our state on August 28, and yet here it is—December—and Colchester has not forgotten her fellow Vermonters.

On December 8, 2011 a fifty-three-foot Land Air Express tractor-trailer truck arrived at Colchester Middle School to fulfill its final pledge to help Vermont victims of Irene. In an incredible contribution to the cause,  Land Air Express donated the truck, the fuel, the driver, and the time for this initiative! In the very definition of a community effort, members of numerous area organizations, including the Colchester Lions Club, the Colchester Police Department, the Colchester Middle School Boys A Basketball Team, and the Colchester High School football team, as well as Assistant Principal Gillard and team coaches, congregated in their collaborative effort to load and shrink wrap pallets of supplies and materials donated by this great community. The supplies arrived at their intended destinations on December 12.

This monumental effort could not have happened without the incredible support of the Colchester School District, CSD Business Manager George Trieb, the entire maintenance staff at CMS and around the district, parents, students, the CMS Boys A and B Basketball teams, Coach Ryan O’Hara, Coach Tom Perry, and Ms. Gillard’s TA group.

Thank you to everyone who gave of themselves in order to bring this effort to fruition.

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