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CMS and MBS Win Grants from Berlin City

Colchester Middle School and Malletts Bay School have each been awarded a $3,500 grant from Berlin City Automotive Group’s Drive for Education Foundation grant!

Representatives from Colchester School District, including student delegates from both schools, will attend the award ceremony at Williston’s Berlin City on December 21.

Colchester Middle School will use the funds to increase its laptop inventory, which will benefit the entire student population by increasing the number of students who may access computers for not only the Young Writers Project but also for mathematics, reading, science, and the technological skill building that is so essential to our students’ future success. It will also allow CMS educators to further adapt their teaching environments, making their instruction more accessible and their curriculum more diverse.

The Vermont Technology Grade Expectations outline major focus areas in education, and among them are digital citizenship and technology operations and concepts. Similarly, Colchester School District has identified the implementation of technology into its curriculum as a high priority and is proactively promoting and supporting that agenda through various initiatives. The award from Berlin City Automotive Group will further support this endeavor.

Malletts Bay School will leverage the award funds it has received from the foundation to enhance its literacy program by implementing a balanced reading instruction model. A key component of this reading model is guided reading, which, as we discussed in Part III of our literacy primer, involves encouraging students to independently read books that they have selected themselves using various strategies for reading and comprehension. MBS will use its grant funds to provide students with a greater variety of texts across a wide range of reading levels for use with guided reading—specifically, Scholastic Books Text Types, a series designed to spark student interest and help make real-world connections.

The overall goal of MBS’s project is to diminish the achievement gap between the varying demographics in its student population.

Many, many thanks to Berlin City Automotive Group for their generous grants providing additional opportunities to our students! And special thanks to Dedrick Casab for his support.

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