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And the Generosity Continues—UMS Reaches Out to Fill a Need

“Find a need and fill it.”
—Ruth Stafford Peale

Today’s feature seems particularly appropriate in light of the Thanksgiving holiday.

We recently told you about the tremendous, widespread efforts across the district to help those devastated by the remnants of Hurricane Irene. We’re happy to announce that the goodwill just keeps on flowing even though the floodwater thankfully no longer does.

Union Memorial School recently extended a helping hand to Moretown Elementary School, yet another academic institution in the state severely damaged in the historic storm. (The school was so badly damaged, in fact, that classes were conducted outside in tents at the beginning of this school year.) UMS librarian Judy Flanagan coordinated the collection and donation of new or nearly new books to benefit Moretown Elementary. In a show of empathy and solidarity, a number of UMS’s teachers joined Ms. Flanagan’s effort.

Moretown Elementary School’s librarian, Meg Allison, had this to say about Union Memorial School’s demonstration of goodwill:

“We are so humbled by the outpouring of support shown to our school, students, and staff in the wake of TS Irene. Our community has been
pouring its resources and energy into rebuilding homes and spirits, so the extra support received by outside communities restores our will to go on. The saying ‘many hands make light work’ has never seemed so apt.

The books will be used to enhance classroom libraries that lost books due to the flooding, and perhaps for individual families who lost their own personal libraries…

We are so appreciative of all your support and hope to pay forward the act of goodwill started by the Colchester school! We are a school community that values the power of books and reading—something that Irene can’t take away from us!”

This story is about more than donated books. It is about the grander sense of empathy, consideration, and compassion that our educators and members of our community so often demonstrate. As unfortunate as it is, all too often, even the most well-intentioned people gradually forget to help others in times of need when news about that need is no longer prominent in the media. Because life is so busy for so many people, when not constantly reminded of it, it is easy to forget that yesterday’s news still presents very real and difficult situations for those impacted by it. That is why it is especially gratifying to be able to share news of our community’s ongoing concern and support for our friends and neighbors around our state.

Way to go, Union Memorial! Way to go, Colchester!

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