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Mindfulness in Our Schools

So many themes in education are interconnected; indeed, education, by its very definition, encompasses actions, processes, and stages having to do with development and acquiring knowledge. As such, many topics we discuss are closely related to other themes and subjects we’ve discussed in the past (or will discuss in the future), and today’s topic—mindfulness—is one such example.

Using some similar concepts as Porters Point School’s PBIS program and Union Memorial School’s The First Six Weeks of School program, Malletts Bay School’s guidance department also has a pilot program in place that focuses upon incorporating mindfulness and relaxation into its curriculum. Mounting research indicates that social and academic curricula are closely related. Accordingly, the overarching concept of programs such as these is that, by placing importance upon social and emotional curriculum and offering coping strategies for the many societal stressors students face in the course of the day, there will be a resulting positive impact upon their academic experience and success.

Malletts Bay School’s pilot program is based upon the MindUP Program, which is an educational initiative championed by the Hawn Foundation. The basic mission behind this evidence-based curriculum is to blend tools to help students manage their behaviors, enhance empathy, heighten concentration, and minimize their stress levels into their overall education.

And the concept of incorporating social-emotional components into academic curriculum is not unique to CSD. Research on the subject is becoming more prolific, and schools across the country are increasingly integrating it into their offerings. In fact, South Burlington School District also has a program focusing upon mindfulness curriculum called the Wellness and Resilience Program.

For more information about MBS’s mindfulness program, please e-mail Luba Routsong in the guidance department or call (802) 264-5900.

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