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CMS To Celebrate “Mix It Up at Lunch Day” on October 18

It’s often said that there’s a fine line between a groove and a rut.

And breaking out of a rut is important!

Colchester Middle School is on board with this concept, and it is participating in Mix It Up at Lunch Day on Tuesday, October 18. “Mix It Up at Lunch Day” is a national movement aimed at encouraging students to dissolve the social boundaries that often develop in schools. To do so, CMS students will be encouraged to mingle with those with whom they might not ordinarily spend time during lunchtime, stepping outside their comfort zones and becoming better acquainted with others they might not know very well. The idea is to increase students’ awareness of the various social divisions that exist within their schools—and to challenge them. The event is designed to be a lot of fun, and it is meant to encourage increased understanding among the students about one another, well complementing ongoing initiatives around bullying and discrimination prevention and increasing respect and tolerance across the school community.

The concept was developed by Teaching Tolerance, an organization committed to improving students’ school experiences by reducing prejudice and improving relationships among students of all backgrounds. Because Teaching Tolerance’s surveys have identified school cafeterias as a place where social divisions are particularly prominent, cafeterias seem ideal locations to encourage the experience of enhanced intergroup mingling.

One of the main strategies is to make the event a lot of fun. At CMS, students and staff are encouraged to wear mixed-up outfits and to complete a human scavenger hunt in order to celebrate the day and to facilitate the experience.

This event will take place all over the country on the same day! Click here for a map indicating the locations of other participating schools all across the nation.

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