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Who Knew That Raising Money Could Be So Much Fun?

A thunderous crowd of more than seven hundred Colchester High School students participated in October 6’s pep rally, which culminated in the long-anticipated charitable hair-cutting event that raised more than $2,700.

Teacher Janet Soltau and raffle-winning student

Following such spectacles as a tug-of-war and a Jell-o-eating contest, raffle-winning students representing each grade snipped off portions of Principal Amy Minor’s hair while their classmates roared and cheered. Teachers Rachel Howe and Janet Soltau also offered up their locks for sacrifice, laughing and cringing as their long hair was cut to the delighted screams of the student assembly. The cuttings will be donated to Locks of Love, a nonprofit organization providing hair prosthetics to disadvantaged children enduring long-term hair loss as the result medical challenges.

Teacher Rachel Howe and students

The goal of $2,500 in order to send at least one child with cancer to Camp Ta-Kum-Ta in South Hero, Vermont, had already been surpassed before the rally, and donations to the cause were still flowing in after the event. And while the added incentive of the chance to cut the principal’s hair undoubtedly helped, Ms. Minor said that the students really took up the fundraising cause in earnest. “It really was a student-driven event,” she said.

Principal Amy Minor applauds raffle-winning student

This is really the sort of story that everyone can get behind—fun with an admirable purpose! Way to go, CHS!

Prinicpal Amy Minor with each student responsible for cutting a section of her hair for charity

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