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CMS Open House a Success

Colchester Middle School’s Open House on September 27 was hugely successful. So many interested parents and community members attended that there was standing room only for much of the event. Assistant Principal Yagoda’s slideshow about the first day of school and about what a typical day (specifically, September 27) at school for CMS students was like—largely so that parents could get an accurate glimpse of it for themselves—was grandly received.

Among other topics discussed at the open house event, Ms. Gruss described some of the shifting structural components at CMS that are intended to facilitate positive change in the school’s curriculum, instruction, and assessment. She also discussed the forward momentum with the school’s improvement plan.

Parents had an opportunity to meet their children’s teachers, giving our educators the opportunity to showcase student work and establish meaningful relationships with our community members, and CMS’s administrators were highly available and accessible to attendees. Assistant Principal Gillard assisted parents with their Parent Portal accounts, further facilitating their ability to access their children’s grades.

It was a very positive, community-oriented evening, and because it was attended by such a large crowd, CMS administrators will hold their opening and closing remarks in a larger venue next year in order to ensure that everyone is able to participate.

Many, many thanks to all who ventured out!

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