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CMS Rallies for Fellow Vermonters in Need

We’ve all read the news and seen the footage of Hurricane Irene’s devastation here in Vermont. It’s almost incomprehensible. Whole communities have been utterly devastated and are in desperate need of even the most basic supplies.

True to form, though, Vermonters are rolling up their sleeves to help one another out in any way they can, and the CSD community is no exception.

Peg Gillard, one of Colchester Middle School’s assistant principals, has challenged CMS students to fill a tractor trailer truck with school supplies, backpacks, games, stuffed animals, school snacks, notes, and cards to send to some of their fellow Vermont students who have nothing with which to begin their school year as the result of the hurricane. The goal is to amass a truckload of supplies by September 16, at which point, Ms. Gillard plans to personally finance the cost of a tractor trailer truck and driver to take the supplies to the students of an isolated Vermont town in need.

This is a monumental challenge, and Ms. Gillard has invited other people from other districts to contribute. For added inspiration, she will allow one student from each grade to help shave her head at a school assembly at the initiative’s conclusion. The opportunity to participate in the head shaving will be raffled off through tickets sold by CMS French teacher Micheline Tremblay, the funds from which will be spent to purchase more supplies for the effort.

This is both inspiring and heartening. Go, CMS Cougars, go!

For more information, please contact Peg Gillard at

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