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Quite Possibly the World’s Cleanest Locker

Ah, the first day of school…I can recall struggling to spin those old spring-loaded combination dials while precariously balancing what felt like every book in the world by crazily contorting my body, hissing in frustration at the dial, “Come on, you! Open!” And then some jokester would stroll by and give my elbow a jab, upsetting my tenuous grasp on my cargo and sending an avalanche of textbooks crashing to the floor amidst a chorus of laughter.

Yes, the lovely memories of lockers. Sort of a home away from home at school—a miniscule piece of real estate into which students must somehow stuff and cram everything they can’t lug from class to class. As such, they generally don’t look terribly tidy.

Which is why this picture, taken of sixth grade Mansfield House student Robbie Davis’s locker, so astounds me. I mean, seriously—have you ever seen such a gorgeously organized locker?

"Holy locker, Batman!"

Where was Robbie—this apparent guru of micro-interior design—when I was moving into my own lockers all of those years ago? Great job, Robbie, and thanks for the smile.

Welcome back, students…and make it a great year!

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