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A Peek at Some of CSD’s Green Initiatives

It’s no secret that we live in a really amazing place. Not only is Burlington considered the healthiest city in the nation (and really, that means us here in Colchester, too), Vermont has often been called the healthiest state in the country. Even more amazing is that Vermont is also considered the most ecologically friendly state in the country.

As such, it probably comes as no surprise that the CSD community is also healthy, vibrant, and socially and ecologically conscious. Community volunteers lend a hand to one another and to the global community in times of need. Volunteers are revolutionizing the MBS gardens, and we have a host of initiatives that are committed to health, well-being, and a greater understanding of and appreciation for the natural world.

We also have a fantastic wellness program and a fabulous food service program, so is it any wonder that CSD has also undertaken a number of green initiatives?

Did you know, for example, that CSD replaced its old Ford Taurus driver’s education vehicle with a new Toyota Prius—a hybrid vehicle that typically exceeds fifty miles per gallon—with funds received from an ARRA grant?

The district utilized funds received through another grant to install more than eighty LED lamps throughout the parking lots at Colchester High School, Malletts Bay School, and Colchester Middle School, resulting in an annual savings of fifty thousand (50,000) kilowatt hours and additional incentive dollars. The district also installed upgraded lighting at both Porters Point School and Union Memorial School. In fact, CSD worked closely with Efficiency Vermont and various vendors to replace lighting in all schools with high-efficiency lighting, and the anticipated savings to the district were such that Efficiency Vermont covered the entire cost with incentives.

Three high-efficiency boilers resulting in annual cost savings replaced the aging boilers at Colchester Middle School.

And in addition to the efforts the district has made toward implementing more ecologically friendly cleaning products in our facilities, it also works closely with Chittenden Solid Waste District in order to increase recycling efforts.

There are a number of additional potential green projects under consideration for CSD, including the installation of insulated, energy-saving window shades in some of the district’s facilities and the possibility of constructing a greenhouse at Colchester High School at some point.

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