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Superintendent Delivers Commendations and Recommendations to CMS

After temporarily moving his office to Colchester Middle School in order to conduct a three-month appreciative inquiry, Superintendent Larry Waters has delivered a list of commendations and recommendations to CMS’s leadership team and administration as part of an effort to enhance performance and instruction.

Among the commendations CMS received were those concerning the educators’ welcoming response to the appreciative inquiry and their desire for additional professional development opportunities in order to enhance their instructional practices. Other commendations included the supportive and caring environment the educators at CMS provide for the students across all grade levels, as well as the strong collaboration among teachers.

The superintendent’s comprehensive recommendations focused upon five areas of interest, including leadership, climate, instruction, time, and strategy. A sample of the recommendations includes the need for clear roles and responsibilities for members on the administrative team, improved management of student behavior, increased focus upon differentiated instruction, the need for alignment in teacher expectations for student support time, and the need for structured planning time for teachers so that they may align their curriculum with student needs.

As the result of the appreciative inquiry and the superintendent’s resulting commendations and recommendations, CMS will develop a strategy for implementing additional professional development opportunities, including participation in an intensive leadership institute, in its effort to improve performance and instruction.

Following the appreciative inquiry, Superintendent Waters reestablished his office at Central Office.

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