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A Closer Look at MBS’s 2011 Annual Report

Continuing with our discussion about CSD’s June 7 presentation of the 2011 Annual Report to the school board, let’s delve a bit further into Malletts Bay School’s contribution and talk a bit more about what their statistics represent.

First of all, based upon NECAP data, Malletts Bay School exceeds the state average in reading, math, writing, and science. This is important to note; it demonstrates a level of quality and accountability in education surpassing that of many other institutions around the state.

Let’s discuss the charts outlining achievement gaps a bit further.

Under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, each state had to create or choose a yearly test, often called “high stakes” tests (and Vermont uses the aforementioned NECAP assessments for this purpose). Under the law, schools are accountable for disaggregated data (in other words, data separated into its component parts), because students in vulnerable populations were historically being left behind. Any school with at least forty students in a subgroup disaggregates data for that group—and this is important, because schools without at least forty students in a subgroup do not have to disaggregate data for this purpose.

So the gaps described in these charts are the disaggregated data, including NECAP scores for economically disadvantaged students and students with disabilities. “FRPL” is “Free or Reduced-Price Lunch,” which is one measure of poverty used by the federal government, and “IEP” is “Individualized Education Program” for students with disabilities.

On a lighter, less data-driven note, the selection of the osprey as the school’s new mascot was the result of a Principal’s Challenge, followed by nominations and a subsequent school-wide vote. Students received “I Voted!” stickers from Vermont’s secretary of state. MBS Student Anna Eaton nominated the osprey, which not only grows very quickly—much like MBS students—but which was endangered and saved by responsible citizens.

The MBS community is excited about its goals of consistency, coherence, and connections, and it is proud of its wonderful staff that works very hard to make a difference for all of its students. The administration and staff at Malletts Bay School also offer their sincere appreciation for the active participation of parents who have spearheaded MBS’s extensive wellness efforts, such as Girls on the Run and the MBS gardens. The extensive community involvement is a very strong feature of the MBS community.

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