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A Closer Look at CHS’s 2011 Annual Report

As previously mentioned, the Colchester School District presented the 2011 Annual Report to the school board on June 7. Let’s take a closer look at Colchester High School’s contribution to the report and what the statistics mean.

The report presents graphs representing student achievement in reading, writing, and math as assessed using standardized testing by the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP). NECAP assesses eleventh-grade students in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. It measures student achievement based upon the following four-point scale:

4 = Proficient with Distinction
3 = Proficient
2 = Partially Proficient
1 = Substantially Below Proficient

Essentially, scoring “1” or “2” represents failure, while scoring “3” or “4” represents a passing score.

As indicated by the graph entitled “Percentage of Test Takers Achieving Standard,” there has been marked improvement in student scores at Colchester High School over the past several school years. This is a notable achievement, and there are a number of factors for this improvement. For example, CHS has made efforts to ensure that the school’s curriculum aligns with the test. Additionally, CHS has increased its efforts in identifying students who struggled on the eighth-grade NECAP examinations in order to provide them with extra support in grades nine and ten. The school also began placing students’ NECAP scores on their transcripts and exposing juniors to NECAP-style test questions before the exam. Explaining to the students why this test is important for them, CHS, and the Colchester community also seems to have made a positive impact.

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