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The Changing Face of Education

Whether you are planning to attend the Vision Summit or not (and we really hope you are, by the way, so if you have not already done so, please register at or by calling 264-5999), we strongly recommend that you take a few moments to look at the following videos and link about the future of education and the sorts of challenges we must consider as we formulate and sculpt our strategies going forward.

To further our point, you may be familiar with Beloit College’s Mindset List, which reports on the world view of college students as their enter their freshman year. Essentially, the Mindset List is a commentary about the current state of the world as seen by the generation poising to take over from their parents. As an example, did you know that, according to Beloit’s Mindset List, many members of the class of 2014 do not know how to write in cursive and have never worn a wristwatch? They feel that e-mail is too slow, and many of them have never had a telephone with a cord. They do not remember when Rodney King was in the news, and they do not fear a Russian missile strike—Americans and Russians have lived together in outer space for these students’ entire lives. (Check out the Mindset List if you’d like to read more about this; it really is fascinating.)

The point is that the world is changing faster than it ever has before in the history of humankind, and our responsibility of sufficiently shaping education to keep pace with that must change right along with it.

Truly, this is really powerful stuff.

While marketed toward educational institutions in New Brunswick, this first video is nevertheless extremely relevant to what we face today here at CSD and everywhere else around the globe.

Click here for an interesting link about twenty-first century education.

Finally, please take a few moments and view this video that further expands upon the ideas of what education used to be, what it currently is, and how it needs to change going forward.

The information presented in these links provide exceptional food for thought as we gather ourselves for the work to be done at the Vision Summit and beyond.

Here, now, all over the country, and all over the world, these are the very sorts of things we all must consider as we examine our schools and our entire educational system to determine the ways in which we must prepare our students for the world awaiting them.

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