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CHS AP European History Class Hosts Guest Speakers Gabe Hartstein and Simon Barenbaum

Colchester High School students in Mr. Price’s AP European History class recently met with honored guests.

Gabe Hartstein, a Holocaust survivor and a native of Budapest, Hungary, was a guest speaker in the class on May 11, and Simon Barenbaum, also a Holocaust survivor, spoke on May 26.

Mr. Hartstein, who was seven years old when the Nazis invaded his homeland in 1944, has been sharing his personal story and historical accounts of his experience in schools, churches, and synagogues throughout Vermont for more than fifteen years as a way to remember all who were affected by the Holocaust—the many millions of those persecuted as well as all of those who rescued others even at great peril to themselves. In particular, Mr. Hartstein focused a considerable portion of his talk upon Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat who saved an astounding number of Jews from certain death. (Mr. Wallenburg received honorary US citizenship during WWII—only one of two Europeans to do so, the other being Winston Churchill.)

Mackenzie Hyman and Simon Barenbaum

Mr. Barenbaum has been sharing his experiences at Colchester High School for more than ten years. He was fourteen years old when the Nazis invaded and occupied his native France. His incredible story includes—among other things—becoming the first French underground contact for the American forces (eventually resulting in a monument in his honor).

From left to right are Anthony Granai, Mackenzie Hyman, Simon Barenbaum, and Charlotte Goodenow

Stories from both men have been published in The Holocaust Personal Accounts by the Center of Holocaust Studies at the University of Vermont.

From left to right are Mr. Jim Price, Anthony Granai, Mackenzie Hyman, Simon Barenbaum, and Charlotte Goodenow

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