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CHS Announces Results of NEASC Assessment

Colchester High School is pleased to announce the results of a long-term assessment conducted by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

NEASC evaluates and accredits public schools across New England. (For more information about NEASC, visit CHS has long since been accredited by NEASC and began the professional appraisal process in 2008 to maintain its accreditation.

NEASC’s accreditation program is comprised of three distinct phases, including a self-study conducted by the school, onsite visits to the school by NEASC’s visiting committee, and a follow-up program designed to implement NEASC’s recommendations.

CHS’s self-study spanned twenty months and included participation from staff members, administrators, students, parents, and community members. NEASC’s onsite visit, which took place October 24–27, 2010, involved various observations, a series of meetings concerning a variety of topics, and examinations of student work.

NEASC’s findings included commendations and recommendations across seven distinct areas of interest. Perhaps the most notable commendations CHS received were those concerning the rigorous classes, strong instruction, and the extensive opportunities and cocurricular offerings available to students. A sampling of other commendations included the effective use of differentiated instruction, meaningful application of knowledge and skills, and the focus of all faculty and staff members upon the well-being and learning of the students.

Recommendations included coordinating curricula between academic areas and the sending schools in the district, developing and implementing a program to support the use of technology in classroom instruction, and implementing plans to increase student connections through teacher advisories.

As part of NEASC’s follow-up program, schools must demonstrate ongoing progress in addressing the recommendations—and they must undergo reevaluation at least once every ten years—in order to maintain their accreditation. Additionally, CHS must submit reports two years and five years into its accreditation.

The complete report, including all of NEASC’s commendations and recommendations, will be made available on Colchester High School’s website (

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