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CHS Students Step Up to the Plate for Their Community

CHS student volunteers stand atop sandbags filled during efforts to stem flood damage in their community.

Colchester High School’s students pitched in to help their flooded neighbors on May 5 in a great example of community spirit.

When the school’s ball fields were too wet for practice, Principal Amy Minor suggested to the coaches that team members assist flooded Colchester residents in their struggles with the flood waters. Minor and Sue Fielden coordinated with the Town of Colchester to organize the effort.

CHS’s baseball and softball teams filled three hundred sandbags and delivered them to the houses in need to guard against further flood damage from still-rising Lake Champlain.

And the efforts didn’t stop there.

The CHS track team and other students from CHS volunteered their time the next day to assist in this endeavor, lending a hand to others in their community. Collectively, more than fifty students filled and helped deliver more than four hundred sandbags over a two-day period.

Way to go!

CHS students work to fill sandbags as record-high floods impact their community.